Weekly Update

My favorite incense

I love incense. I used to burn it a lot as a teenager but haven’t since. I was outside one day last summer and smelled incense coming out of someone’s bedroom window and it took me back.

I went to the health food store and did some smelling of their extensive incense collection. They had the standard scents, but one scent was named Barack Obama. I bought it because it was funny (not because I like Obama, I’m an anarchist) and it’s become one of my favorites.

I tried a few different incense holders and none of them could contain the ash and my desk would get all ashy. I finally found a suggestion on the WWW, use a bowl full of sand.

I had to have the perfect bowl for my desk, so I started looking online. Then I remembered I already had the perfect bowl. My wife got me a pottery class for my birthday one year and we made bowls on a pottery wheel. It’s not a good looking bowl really but it’s a nice reminder of a wonderful date.

Where do you get sand? All the beaches here are rocky. I thought about going to a playground and stealing some from a sandbox but decided that was outside my comfort zone. Also all that sand out in the real world is dirty and I didn’t want that in my desk. I guess I’d have to filter it though a screen or something to get it nice and clean. This is all a lot of work.

Michael’s sells sand! They have a lot of different colors. I ended up going with original. Now I have a nice incense holder.

Some sand from a volleyball court

Music I’ve been listening to:

Johnny Brunette and the Rock ‘n Roll Trio (1956) Great rockabilly/early rock and roll. Some say better than Elvis’ debut. Discovered through…it was saved on my YT Music.

The Breeders – Title TK (2002) I never got too much into The Breeders, and completely missed this album at the time. I heard “Off You” come up on a YT Music radio station and was blown away. This is a really cool, weird album and I feel like it’s time for culture to rediscover this. I feel like it’s surprisingly modern. Discovered through a radio station started from the artist Dirty Beaches on YTMusic.

Yussef Dayes An AMAZING jazz drummer from the currently on-fire London scene. I’ve been working my way through his discography. Black Classical Music (2023) gets a lot of love. So far my favorite has been the live album Welcome to the Hills (2020) Discovered through r/jazz

Cindy Lee – Diamond Jubilee (2024) Hypogenic pop, long, a lot to digest but I’m loving the sounds on here. Discovered through places

I watch a lot of old Disney shorts with my kids. The kids love them! They hold up even though some of them are approaching 100 years old now. Walt Disney knew what he was doing. Here’s a good one I saw this week:

A cool Disney short called “Bumble Boogie”