Weekly Update

This week has had some ups and downs. I went to the guitar store by myself, which is a rare thing. I played a ton of guitars. I’m finding lately I’m paying attention more to details, in everything in life. It’s very nice, life is richer, brighter, colors more vivid. It being spring helps! Anyways, I’m noticing more details about the guitars I was trying. Bottom line is, my Jazzmaster is still my #1. I found two very good value guitars that played amazingly. The J Mascis Jazzmaster, and the Sterling Cutlass. I’m noticing things like the contours of the guitar, the knob placement, etc.

I also bought a new reverb pedal, the humble RV-6. It’s replacing my Neunaber Immerse. I’ve always relied too heavily on reviews, what other people say, and not on my own ears and experiences. So I’m trusting my ears. The Immerse is touted online as a very high quality pedal. But it didn’t hit my ears quite right, especially with my bright jazzmaster. Also, the way it turned down the dry signal as you turned the mix up was not what I wanted. So the RV-6 keeps the dry signal intact as you turn up, and all the reverbs on it are very nice and usable. I hooked it up with a Saturnworks expression so I can toggle between two sounds. It’s perfect so far. I also put a DS-1 on my board for lead tone. It’s a pedal that’s made fun of, but it is so good as a lead tone. I have the distortion all the way down.

After the music store I met my family at the zoo to watch the eclipse. It was so incredible! It was fun with all the people around getting excited about it. I was hoping the animals would go crazy but they didn’t care.

My job is winding down, and my future is uncertain. I’m plugging away at school to get my degree which I never got. I just won an award for a paper I wrote, which was a really great feeling!

Music log:
7038634357 – Discovered: I bought a book at the bookstore, by Blank Forms, and I checked out their website and they put out records, including this.

Fallin’ in Love – Hamilton & Joe Frank & Reynolds (1975) – 70s soft rock – Discovered through Operator Radio (they played a version from a very dirty 45 that sounded so good!)

I started a radio from the above song and found/rediscovered two 70s songs that rip. Jazzman by Carole King and Sail On, Sailor by The Beach Boys.

Book log:
Reading The Charisma Myth. So far so good. Like a lot of self-help books, it’s very padded out. It’s a book that could probably be 100 pages. But I’m enjoying it. Charisma is very important in our lives and any help there is useful!