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    Camino Gold

    Rum Jungle?

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    Russian Orthodox Music

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    Kedr Livanskiy – No more summer rain
    ^She’s got some good mixes too for like The Lot and stuff.

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    Hi-Tide Recordings (record label)

    Femi Kuti / Afrobeat


    Specifically this NTS show

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    Listened to half of this so far, but it’s pretty cool: Old Feels

    Mmmm this is good stuff too gustavo infante

    The Beaches

    Check screnshots

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    Robert Lippok

    Also https://m.soundcloud.com/discover/sets/track-stations:1460190094

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    This is a good plant playlist.

    The Convenience – Saturdays Child starring Chloe Troast

    Here’s a cool glitch abstract rhythm playlist

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    UPPERROOM is always a good vibe: https://www.youtube.com/live/XHj62X27CJU?si=yKsC3dpjVXa1edv5

    I sometimes wonder if in general, more Pentecostal churches have better worship, that they maybe are onto something…

    This popped up in my YouTube recs, Blacktop, Gardening is a Practice: https://youtu.be/cOjHppt9BGQ?si=B5zr9hM-sPiVbFh9

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    I just discovered Dungeon Synth, through Frog Symphony: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=deL-qzJjzfI

    “Depressive Silence” is a good album. Here is the RYM for Dungeon Synth: https://rateyourmusic.com/genre/dungeon-synth/

    I’ve been enjoying a band called Mildlife. Their YouTube has some great live videos: https://www.youtube.com/@Mildlife

    Really really into listening to the song “Be Sweet” by Japanese Breakfast

    Les Paul & Mary Ford are so good!

    Along those lines, a modern take on this is Joel Paterson. He has two Christmas Albums and even one of Beatles covers.

    Along the lines of Christmas Albums, I’ve been enjoying Slowey and the Boats.

    My favorite albums so far, in no order:

    Frog Concert – Slumbering Sounds of the Frog Fellowship

    Computer Jazz – Computer Jazz

    Rozi Plain – Prize

    Melati ESP – hipernatural