Revisiting things that brought me joy as a child, and updating them for my life here and now. A work in progress.

NES Games

Like many children of the 80s, I had an NES and it defined much of my childhood. I’ll play those games here and again…some hold up, many don’t. I do like to watch videos on the NES and other retrogaming, especially history videos. An update to this that serves me better today is the PICO-8 console. It has NES vibes, but has new games coming out for it constantly. I’ve found I enjoy smaller, indie, retro games like these rather than a lot of the “modern” games.


Some of my earliest memories of music was the music of the 1950s. Maybe part of it is nostalgia for before I was born. I do enjoy listening to 50s music now and again and should incorporate this more into my life. I also would love to make a 50s inspired ambient album, an idea I’ve had for years.

Magazines & Catalogs

I loved reading magazines and catalogs as a kid. There’s very few nowadays, but there’s a couple I’ll pick up sometimes. It’s nice flipping through a magazine rather than staring at a screen. There’s also a lot of great older magazines on


Retro Computing

Music Videos

Wild & Crazy Kids

The Library

Tomart’s Guide to Star Wars Collectables